The Strongsville City Club was formed in 1968 by a group of civic leaders who established an Objective to “cultivate and promote mutual and civic interests”. For over 45 years, the Strongsville City Club has contributed to our community through our Fundraising, Capital Projects, support of Community activities and sponsorship of the Special Olympics. Best known for its annual Rib Burn Off and the Breakfast on the Covered Bridge, the City Club has been in the forefront of community projects since its founding.


Two annual fundraisers make the City Club’s work possible. The Strongsville Rib Burn-off, which started in 1986, is an event that promotes bonding among the city’s residents. It attracts more than 20,000 people for a three-day festival of food and live entertainment.

Like the Rib Burn-off, the Breakfast on the Covered Bridge, held each September since 1983, is a Strongsville tradition. The event is held on the third Sunday in September. Many Strongsville families begin their day by enjoying a hot breakfast surrounded by nature in the Metroparks, then journeying down the road to enjoy a Day at the Chalet, sponsored by the Arts in Strongsville.

The members of the City Club along with their families and friends donate countless hours each year in support of all the activities the City Club sponsors. Of particular note is that the City Club has no overhead so all the money raised goes directly to the projects the club supports.


Among the notable contributions of the City Club is building the landmark Strongsville Clock Tower on the Commons. The Clock Tower has become a symbol of the city and was fully paid for by the City Club. Even today, the City Club continues to pay for much of the upkeep of the tower. Another major project was to fund the fence that is installed around the City Cemetery. More recently the City Club is paying for the renovation of the fencing that surrounds the Historical Society in addition to ongoing support of the society.

The City Club was a major donor to help fund construction of the Pat Catan Football Stadium for Strongsville High School and a major donor to the Backyard Preserve that is located behind the Ehrnfelt recreation center. Historically, the City Club was a major force in the Tree Planting program throughout the city. See City Club Projects.


Of particular pride to the members of the City Club is the support of the local Strongsville Special Olympics. Funding from the City Club helps the athletes train, compete and travel to their events. The City Club participates together with the Olympians in the Homecoming Parade and provides a Holiday Breakfast for the Olympians and their families..


Each year, the City Club is a major sponsor of the 4th of July Fireworks Display and the Winter Wonderland Holiday Display. Some of the other community groups and activities supported includes the Thomas P. Perciak Family Residential Hospice of Southwest General Health Center, Senior Center and Camp Cheerful. The City Club also contributes regularly to support many of the Youth Programs such as the Recreation Teams, After Prom Party, Baseball / Softball Fields, etc.