Strongsville Special Olympics is a non-profit organization funded through private donations and local community support. The Strongsville Special Olympics is extremely grateful to the Strongsville City Club for their generous donations and support of our program and athletes. Through their support, we are able to provide the necessary equipment, facilities, uniforms and state competition costs.


The Strongsville Special Olympics has nearly 100 athletes that are in training and competition in year round sports. Participation is open to anyone ages eight and up (they may start practicing before 8, but will not be able to compete). Programs are designed to serve all ability levels.  

Official Sports offered through the Strongsville Special Olympics are:

  • Bowling

  • Swimming

  • Soccer

  • Speed Skating - Winterhurst

  • Basketball

  • Cycling

  • Track & Field

  • Golf


  • Have athletes participate in sports at their ability level

  • Improve all-around physical strength

  • Improve self image and self concept

  • Develop new relationships

  • Compete at local levels to experience success

  • Ultimate success - to have the athletes acquire skills that could earn them a place on a school team with non-handicapped peers


Strongsville Special Olympics is run entirely by volunteers. We have been very fortunate to have excellent coaches and parents that are willing to volunteer their time to help train the athletes.

Families with children who have disabilities are like other families; however, having a child with special needs often thrusts them into situations that may make their everyday lives more challenging. Special Olympics allows families the opportunities to be part of a year-round sports training and competition program which provides the entire family with opportunities for sports, social interactions and fun. Worldwide, family involvement has grown to include more than 450,000 family members. Since 1968, family programs have been established in all 50 U.S. states and 42 countries around the world.

If you are interested in having your child join the Olympic program or would simply just like more information, contact: Dana Martin (440-572-1353) or Click Here.